Sunday, January 29, 2012

A picture can..

...speak a thousand words! So here goes.

Whatte beauty!

Special credits: Madhu, Aarthi and Deepa.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Solitary Reaper - Or Not.

It's the Nation's 63rd Republic Day today. (It was technically today when I started writing this post, now it's over 12 AM - 27th January) Do take a look at the amazing doodle that Google came up with -

What does Republic Day mean to a 21st Century youngster? (I'm just talking casually on this. No hard takes here)
One day holiday from work, Watch movies tagged as Kudiyarasu Dhina Sirappu Thiraipadam in different channels, Special interviews from heroines who don't know much Tamil, coming loose-haired on these TV shows etc. Occasionally you cross TV channels/ shows where the anchor hosts with a small replica of the Indian flag pinned to their garments. That's it! Patriotism, on a different note, could also mean broadcasting movies of Arjun and Vijaykanth - Tamil heroes who have spent all their lives fighting the elements of Evil - Pakistani Terrorists in their movies! :-D Occasionally there are TV channels which play movies like Indian, Mudhalvan etc which lecture against corruption in India.Other than entertainment, the Indian masses don't pick anything else from such Anti-corruption movies. It's like that!

I'm similar to the youngster mentioned up above. Except that I don't watch the special TV shows graced by Tamil movie heroes/ heroines. :-P We the people are happy about the Republic Nation that India has become, the Independence we've fought so hard and got - everything. But we're ruled by filthy, inconsistent Government and politicians. So freedom doesn't taste so divine after all, at least by me! Moving on, I watched a movie today - Pirivom Sandhippom. And it triggered some general thoughts. Can a house wife get bored? If she's bored - Well, what can she possibly do with all her spare time? What would happen if I went into the same situation that Sneha faced in my life? Is loneliness such a painful thing for the home-maker woman?

For one thing, I have thought long and hard about what happens to my career once I'm married. Would I continue or would I be advised to quit? It'll be real difficult to manage personal life with marriage life, especially for a woman. I'm sure everyone agrees on this. I've always wondered if my future-husband would be willing to help me in the kitchen and house work, in general. Just wondering types, you know! :) And I strongly believe that my personal life is more important to me than my career. So if the situation calls for it, I'd be prepared to exit. But all said and done, money is an alluring thing. I don't know if it'll loosen its tight grip on people any day. The movie was really nice and I enjoyed watching it on the whole. I liked the plot and the director's brave attempt to voice out the emotions of a woman whose only tasks for the day were cooking and house keeping. The story moved at tortoise-pace, but it didn't matter to me. Talking of which, I wanted to write upon Loneliness. Just a little bit, of course.

Lonely Lass
Solitude - It's both a blessing and curse. To someone who is always surrounded by people, loneliness is a much awaited bliss. To someone who's always felt alone, it's nothing but a curse. Now where goes my vote? I like being alone. But not always. I'd like to spend my time with friends, family and everyone who cares about me. I'm not averse to being alone as well, because helps in identifying my key interests. These days, when I'm all by myself and with a lot of spare time, I work on blog posts. I'm happy about that. :) Earlier, spare time meant TV Shows or Facebook-ing with some music at home. Not these days! Loneliness by choice is pleasurable. Looks like being thrust with no choice but loneliness certainly isn't. A good movie, and a well-spent Thursday. ;)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Surge of a Salary Slip

As the title goes, this post is going to be my take on what happens when you earn. The heady feeling and authority that you get from making YOUR OWN MONEY. I'm sure that we've all grown hearing the phrase - "What? That much for buying a bag/ dress/ shoes? Did you think money grew in trees?" at some point in our lives. :) I'm just going to elucidate upon this by posting my own unconnected thoughts on the same.

Enna vazhkai da ithu?

For a married (responsible!) guy - It's all about saving money that he earns to build a dream home or to take care of his children's education. For a married woman, she would pamper herself lesser once she's into the family way. That's the spirit of a mom! Moms tend to sacrifice their desires to make way for the family's needs. If you're single and not into a married person's thought process yet, your money would make you be able to do a thousand things! The good and the bad. Period. Infact, when I wasn't salaried/ employed - I was dependent on my folks for everything I needed to get. Be it a haircut or buying some clothes. They'd always pipe in like "Nandhu, THIS costly? Why cant you go for something a bit cheaper?" Their opinion and approval counted for my selection. But now, since I'm earning - I've been able to afford (?) things that I couldn't get when I was looking for their nod. Okay, not as if I couldn't afford back then. We still did have money. I just chose to buy lesser and cheaper with their money. Money was a big concern especially when I was in college. Not that I got into a management seat or anything. Generally, with the house rent and certain other pressing concerns (No, I'm not going to talk about that here. This place isn't my diary) we weren't able to spend much earlier. I'm proud of what happened then because it's made me a responsible person that I am now! :) *touch wood*

Speaking of which, I'm not a spendthrift person as such. I'd only buy away when I'm too tempted or when it's a necessity; not otherwise. In terms of luxury spending and to buy things which you couldn't earlier - Aah, the joy is definitely unique! Be it spending on pampering yourself with a salon or buying an extra-costly tops or material or order for a home-delivery of Pizza - the feeling of being able to do these things is quite empowering. With the delirium of buying comes responsibility to spend sensibly - or so, I'd like to think. :) I went into a sort-of depression when I lost my job at Element K (It was all my doing, of course) for the chief reason that I'd become financially dependent on my mom again and I didn't know exactly for how long that state was going to last. That made me worry - A LOT. It's not like she didn't want me home or anything. Amma cares a world for my happiness. It's just that it irked me about not being able to work or do anything worthwhile after graduation! Coming to the point - What can money do for you? What can it NOT do for you? Here's my two cents.

Being able to earn and feel financially independent has the following pros:
1. Buy yourself whatever you want, whenever you want. (As long as it's within the budget or your bank balance, to say the least. :P )
2. You have a sense of security in your life because it's your money and it wouldn't rot with time. 
3. You can buy and surprise your loved ones with gifts. (I love this part, so totally!)
4. For someone who's earned long - You tend to invest it in places where it can multiply. More money equals more options to do things.
5. More money is more Power. Agree?
6. Being able to earn boosts your confidence level and self-esteem. I say this from experience.
7. Your success is a measured on a scale of Monetary Earning these days. Even for being judged as a Prospective Groom, mind you! :-P

Cons? There are a few.
1. One tends to spend mindlessly at times. Of course, many people tend to waste all away, given the plethora of options these days. Unnecessary expenditures, drinking, smoking, purposefully spending out of your way to be called cool or to raise your image - are some of the ways that I can think of.
2. Money cant buy you happiness. Accept it. Maybe it's cooler to sit and cry inside a Mercedes Benz than on the streets. But it's certainly not going to fetch you love or the company of people. Sure, some people will come up to you if you spend for them. Like fireflies, they'll be gone once you're going to change your ways!
3. It comes with a greater responsibility to safeguard it. If you're buying gold, you need to be watchful. If you're investing in shares, you need to keep an eye on the market all the time. This is what I mean. Money in the purse also needs an air of caution while you're out. Hehe! :)
4. Too much money means too much trouble. Ego problems, selfishness, greediness are some of the symptoms. My thalaivar mentioned the same in a song ages ago -  

Kaiyil Konjam Kaasu Iruthaal Neethaan Atharku Ejamaanan 
Kazhuthu Varaikkum Kaasu Irunthaal Athuthaan Unakkku Ejamaanan

Spend wise; Be happy.

P.S: I think I'll be buying a new handbag this weekend. What do you think? ;)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Birthday.. And Much More.

I was talking to my best buddy A this evening. Well, when we start to talk - we're capable of talking till the sun sinks in the West. THAT MUCH! There were a few things that she opined that I find quite honoring/ interesting/ appealing to me. Amongst those topics was how she felt I was improving as a Blogger. I found that quite an achievement and a scare! :) To be told "You know? You're writing so well that I feel inspired enough to start writing again, Nandhini" is a mighty compliment for a blogger midget as me. :) I'm a little scared because I think I should subconsciously make better posts with each article that I publish. The bar has been raised without my knowing. A - I know you'll be reading this and smiling to yourself when you see this. I am happy for all the inspiration and support that you'd given me throughout. Love you and thanks for making me pick up the (virtual) Pen again! I'm lovin' it! :-D Also quoted by A - "Perfection isn't a destination; it's a journey". Rich in meaning, don't you think?

Moving on - there are a few things I'm going to mention about in this article. I'm reserving the Quarter Life Crisis post for Republic day 2012. I think I'll have some spare time then and I'd be able to make a decent post on Thursday for that.


Elvan Truffles!
D.A.M.N! :-D

A very memorable, special day this year. The last time that I felt so content and happy was probably when I turned 10 - when Viji Chitthi came to India and they organized an official cake-cutting celebration on my birthday! :) I remember that they hung a blackboard sheet with birthday wishes and art with color chalk pieces all over (Scribbles courtesy: My dad) in our living room that evening. Ah, memories! It was one birthday I will remember! After that one, I'd rate this birthday as the next to stay fresh in my memory for a long time to come. It's special for different reasons. Not just one thing separately! For those who'd like to know what chocolates I took to office - it was Elvan Truffles - Turkey-made chocolates. Some of my project team people joked Ennathu, Turkey made ah? You mean, the bird? to pull my leg! It was all gone in 15 minutes from the moment I dropped a Chocolates at my desk mail! There were calls throughout the day. Some calls on 19th and 21st too - People thinking my birthday was on either of these days. Hahaha! :-D

To think, I was imagining my birthday to be significant-with-nothingness! I was proved wrong. I'm not posting any of the birthday pics here but let me tell you, I had a fantastic time even though I thought I'd made a mistake by losing touch with some people! I thought they were the only ones I'd go outings with, they were the ones who'd show me what fun was all about. I wasn't aware that beyond them, there could be a world of people wanting to see me smile and wishing to make me happy. I'm talking of course about the D.A.M.N group (Even they don't know this is the Acronym I've created for US. Hehe!) and their special surprise yesterday. I don't have words to describe the good times. I'll just illustrate the happiness by putting up a Fun pic! :-p If any of you from the D.A.M.N group read this post - I hope that you guys wouldn't go D'oh! upon my creativity in coming up with this acronym. :-P

My lovely sisters & I - We're the Powerpuff Girls!

Birthday Cake(s)!

Me? :-D

And not to forget, the beautiful decorations that S and V did for my cubicle at office. I was both surprised and pleased - reaching office on Friday! Love you, my dear sisters. You guys are so amazing. :* In all, it was a birthday I'd like to cherish. For all the pointless but lively talks we did on Saturday - discussing about the history behind Domino's Pizza logo, the fun with the Party Popper in the terrace, Devouring the pizzas but still being unable to finish it all, describing my house grill gate as Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya gate - There were more brilliant moments in the evening that I'm not able to recall immediately. And I hope this year turns out to be a good one till the end. Touch wood! And thank you Lord, for being so kind to me. For giving me friends that I never knew who'd be this close and this loving. You are an AWESOME Lord! :)

This reminds me of how fortunate I am to have these people around and that I should learn to control my flaring temper that smoulders people. :-| I ended up yelling at my friends for being unable to come for lunch 3 days ago. They messaged, they called - I didn't receive any of them. The result was that I was too pissed over this and I couldn't do anything about it but get angry. Ouch. Control the temper, Nandz! I'm sorry guys - though it's a virtual one and you'd never hear it out loud.

Finally, to wrap up this post - I am hooked to the fast number Pa Pappa Pappa Pappa from Vettai. It's one nice, peppy track. Try listening to it. Maybe you'd like it too. Why don't you take a look at this still from the song? :-D

Arya and Amala Paul look smashing, don't they?

And another great news is that - I'm out out that perennial project which comes alive for every release. The project which deals with this. I am happpppyyyyyy that I'm out of it! But poor S. She's tagged to it. It was an arseignment - as A rightly said. :-P This is just something I wanted to add along with the rest of this scribble. That's all for now! :)

All we need is Pyaar Prema Kaadhal!

If one could remember, I posted about STR's Love Anthem for World Peace trying to compete with Dhanush's Why this Kolaveri di? number sometime ago (Don't remember when). I actually got to hear/ see it sometime this week in SS Music, when I was hopelessly changing channels to find some interesting song. So this post would be something about that track. I consciously know that it's not worth dedicating one whole post for it. But then, I feel like it! :-D So here goes! 

Okay, STR seen in this song is quite lean and appealing to the eye. (Was it to mine alone?) Not as cute as Simbu in Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya though. Well, can someone tell me why he's wearing a Business suit with a tie and all that, to sing a song after all? Do Businessmen lack lurrrve? :-P And not to forget - the weird gyrating motion he does with his hands on the chest - more like kneading dosa batter in Aatu Kallu Oral! :-P I found that move a bit funny. And his weird jump-hop-skip everywhere inside the go-down! Also, what's that pretty lady doing next to him as if she's looking into his lyrics sheet? The glamor quotient eh? :-D

All said and done, I find myself liking this track more than Kolaveri di.. Simbu is trying his hand at something different, I'd say. Be it for some limelight or otherwise.

The visual plus audio to this track - Youtube version:

And how true! All we need is Pyaar, Prema Kaadhal! B-) That'd make the world a better place. Finally, let's see what the Facebook Fraternity understood as Simbu's Love Anthem for World Peace -

Tsk tsk! Poor STR! :-p

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Sobs - It's already Monday!

General lack of something else to do brings out the flourishing writer in me. 

Today was a total waste-away day, which I so totally loved! Spent the day watching half movies - 180, Engeyum Eppothum, Endhiran, Manmathan Ambu and a few other Pongal special shows which I managed to see only partially. Why didn't I watch it as a whole, you ask? I'd go mad trying to catch up with the story line with the huge breaks in between as much as two scenes. Worst of all, good programs are lined up tomorrow and day after but I can't watch a thing as I'll be sitting at office. Sob sob!

On the up side, I did go out and buy chocolates today. I don't know how it would taste but it had better be good for all the money I've spent for 'em. I am planning to wear a black Anarkali-ish top to office on 20th and it's got transparent sleeves. Just so that I feel comfortable wearing it on Friday, I've done the necessary precautions and preparation for the same today! :-D But I still haven't decided on whether to team it with black leggings or jeans. Whoa, I'm starting to sound so very style conscious! :)

I have very little hopes that I'll get my contact lenses and my new glasses before then. Oh well.. It'll come through soon. But not soon enough before the Townhall/ birthday, me thinks! Finally, one picture to tell you how I feel tonight -

It's always like this every Sunday night!

Why do you fly away so quickly, weekend? I am missing you already.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thaam tharikida THAI!

Aah, the awesomeness that I am. Sitting and composing a post at 3:30 AM. :P I've decided to stick to a lighter tone of subjects here onwards. I'm not going to compose too many personal life incidents and make this place seem like an online journal! Who wants to read the confessions of a 22-year old anyway? LOL!

Okay, moving on. New year 2012 - that had a GREAT start at office. How? My system refused to budge/ start, first thing on 2nd Jan morning. And so, I was asked to wait until R came and checked the issue, and I raised a ticket! Whoa, too cool isn't it? B) Everyone who crossed my desk didn't forget to give me a wicked smile and say that my new year had started on a great note at work. Does this mean that I'll be out of this project soon? Hehe! The weird ways that I think, don't you agree?

We had potluck earlier this week, the one I'd been writing about every single week. It finally happened and it was one feasty lunch worth sitting through. :D I particularly loved my lead S preparation of Fried Rice. She makes the yummiest fried rice I've known! And she was particularly sweet in letting me take the last kulfi of the day. S vaazhga! :)

My new found interest - Terracotta Jewellery. Planning to buy 'em SOON! :D Have a look at the breath-taking art work in Terracotta: (Taken from the official page of Maatikaar Terracotta Jewellery - Facebook)

I'm hoping to purchase some of these beauties because they look so awesome. I found this nice shop based at Delhi which accepts and ships orders to other parts of the country. Maybe they'll do the same and send my package, once I place mine. (and PAY for it, too. :D ) I'm just slightly apprehensive about how long Terracotta jewellery lasts. If it's going to last for a long while, then I'm double okay with spending so much for them! :)

Last weekend was super hectic as I kept running around on both days of the weekend. First day - for a haircut and the next day - to an orphanage. It was silent slap of reality at our egotic and ambitious ways, seeing those orphaned kids being so happy and cheerful with what they've got. They don't complain, they don't whine. They're plain happy with what's in their hands. And they believe the dawn WILL come. If only a few of us could realize this startling truth, there wouldn't be so much of sadness and depression on Earth! (I am definitely included in that list of pessimistic souls)

Townhall's coming up. I'm doing a role in the skit - the lover girl who turns down a proposal AND presenting on two major projects of 2011 which I didn't work for. Two things in one show. Ore kallula rendu mangaaaa!. We're having a mock walk-through of the show on monday. God knows what I'm going to do over there. Must. Prepare.

Apart from all these - I'm still addicted to Askku Laska. I still do read and check out the style reviews in this blog. And I've developed an unexpected addiction to Domino's Pizza. I've started to order something or the other every weekend. Whether it's Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery or not - it's certainly Calories and Extra Flabs Ki Home Delivery. :-P Must come out of the habit of eating so much. CALORIE counter, please do get reactivated! I miss having that ticker ticking within my head. The past week was otherwise as normal. Oh well, we crossed one of those rare occurrences of Friday the Thirteenth, by the way. Another useless update - I've chomped through two pieces of Ferrero Rocher while I composed this article. (haha, I love giving these kinda updates)

To conclude this post, here are some pics that you weren't expecting to come towards the end of this long, non-informative and useless piece of scribble:

Happy birthday to meeee!

Gentle Reminder: My birthday is edging closer. Five more days to go. ;) I'll be going out to buy chocolates for office folks tomorrow. 
Happy New Thai! B-) Iniya Thai Thirunaal Nalvazhthukkal!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pleasant Remembrances.

A year has gone by and I wouldn't be doing justice if I didn't recollect what it's been for me. So I'm going to compose it in the form of Rapid-fire questions. Pointless stuff, you may say. But someday when I come back here, I want to remember 2011 for what it's been significantly in my life.

Ups of the year - First salary, first time at a hostel, interacted with a lot of people at work, lived in two hostels and understood what Hostel food tastes like, slogged my arse off learning J2EE (which I never used after training!), got my first ever shiny laptop as a present from mom, understood the value of money a
nd the intense joy in buying gifts for your loved ones with your salary. I realized that when you work, it keeps you busy from thinking intensely negative thoughts. I still do miss you, Pa. But I have seen it for myself that work's a good antidote for protecting yourself from bleak, unrest thoughts.

Flip side of the year - Getting homesick, struggling to balance life at work and the life apart from work, the allergy attack that had me hospitalized for eight days and how it kept daunting me throughout the year since May 2011.

Achievements of the year - Job, Project, appreciations received at work, certain friends from work who proved they're much more caring that the ones who'd been with me longer etc.

Disappointments of the year - Being called the Psoriasis Patient (Some wounds run deep!), Buying a Samsung Galaxy Pop just two days before being selected for a project that doesn't allow camera mobiles (Biggest wreck, hehe) and of course, certain people who disappointed me by their words and actions. I'm not putting everything here, you know.

Aspirations, goals and prayers for the year 2012 - A change from what I've been thus far, some random traveling, understanding and trying to fulfill others' needs, Good health, h
opes that my mom's knee problem gets better in this year and I hope to be a good understanding daughter to her. My resolutions are already listed in the previous post. :P

During the midnight of the new year 2012 - I did receive a few calls and messages from people whom I wasn't expecting to be in touch. Quite surprising, quite happy! Touchwood.

When I went shopping yesterday I saw this
beautiful Orange color bag priced at Rs. 1500/- on the shelves. I was so tempted to buy, but I didn't. Maybe I will next week, if it's still there.. Who knows? Mom's going to be shocked for sure if I came home with it. ;) Cousin C from Canada came home last week. She's gifted me with some chocolates (Pots of Gold) and two small bottles of The Body Shop skin lotion and shower gel. When I do use it, I'll write on how the products feel. For one thing, I know that The Body Shop goods are exotic and lovely to use. :)

I also wanted to pen it down here - On how I m
ust forgive people for their words and deeds and move on. Maybe I'm holding to grudges for too long. This is one aspect that I wish to change in myself soon. People do hurt; they always want to prove that they're one step ahead of you; they constantly compare, mock and size your achievements. They want to prove on your face on what sort of a midget you are. The world doesn't aim to provide you good life. So? It wouldn't hurt so much unless one takes these things personally and allows it to rule their thoughts. I should just do away with taking what happens around me deeply. THERE! That's another thing I want to develop within myself. I've realized that I've been rude and harsh upon my school friends in the older posts. I'm hurt by their actions, but that could be a one-sided view of how offended I feel. I'm sorry for all the things said and done. It doesn't mean I'm going to delete those posts and act like a saint. They will exist now and forever. But I just want to confess here that I will change in some aspects of my character and this is one spot I'm working on.

Asku Laska Baby!

I'm in total love with this track from
Nanban. B-) I've heard it a lot of times and the craze just doesn't go away. Not for me, atleast. Its lyrics has got words from different languages for Love. Something about the music and the voices singing the song keeps me hooked to it altogether. On the other hand, I feel Why this kolaveri di.. is the most over-hyped song EVER. Period. What's there in it? D'oh! And not to forget mentioning - STR has composed a single track called the National Anthem for Love. I haven't heard or seen the video, but this is nothing but attempts to try competing with the colossal fame that Dhanush has reaped from Kolaveri di.. Talk about two Sandakozhis! :P

Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New year 2012!! :):)

One more year has crossed and now, we're into the most Taboo-ed year of the decade. This is the year that the Mayan calendar has predicted as the end of the world. Whether or not the World ends on December 21st, 2012 - we'll have to find out on this only with time.

Ok, New year resolutions anyone? I've always tried to formulate new year resolutions and every single year, they all go into the trash just a day or two after they've been made. Sigh! So this year, I'm going to make a brave attempt to stick to it no matter what. You heard me - NO MATTER WHAT. Or so, I hope! So here's the list of resolutions I'm setting for myself this brand new year -

1. To keep posting on blogger as frequently as possible. This means one post or more per week. Just the usual ramblings, and then maybe a few updates. Bah, I haven't shared the link with anyone anyway. Not yet, that is.

2. Weight reduction regime is ON - full fledged. I believe (And know!) that I've put on a few extra pounds than normal, thanks to the medicines that I had to use in order to battle my skin allergy. It's time to reverse their appalling side effects. So I want to keep the momentum going - via the walking that I do, the random exercises, the crazy-dancing-in-the-room-while-no one's-watching, the careful calorie counting which I (used to) follow almost religiously before every meal - each one of these things! I want to slim down to much lesser than what I'd been before I gained weight. :)

3. Must learn to respect individuality and hold lesser grudges at people. Okay, so I've learnt that people can make mistakes. It's quite normal to get into situations of misunderstanding with others. But I really should be able to let go when I can't hold on any longer and not abuse them mentally for the falling-through that had happened. It's better to let go with your head held high instead of squabbling about it after it's happened. Right? So that's one thing I'm aiming to do over this year.

4. Should definitely try out new things - Maybe try a new style of dressing, let go of shyness and interact with people more openly, travel more (I've been only in Chennai and Vellore all through 2011!) to different places, experiment with never-been-there type restaurants and food. Sounds like a good plan? I think so! B-)

5. The end of 2012 would mark the end of two-years bond with TCS. Before that, I hope I'd be able to learn whatever I can about the industry. Learn new things, do some certification courses perhaps - Any bright thing that' could help my career morph into something with a future. Gee, I sure sound like a geek here! Anyway the point is I don't want to feel tongue-tied when someone tells me, So you've spent almost two years in the industry. What's your expertise? Also, I'm hoping that some change happens too. Change of fortune (I've always been at the receiving end of very lame fortune almost all the time!), change in project, change in industry, change in career. Any good thing that's on the verge of possibility of happening - Please do happen to me, I say!

6. Wake up early. Yes, you've heard me right! Waking up early is one of those key resolutions that I make EVERY year and which inevitably goes into trash right on the very first day. Luckily, I woke up soon today (Wah wah wah!) and I hope to keep it going throughout the year. Early to bed, early to rise should be the mantra of the year for me.

7. Lesser usage of Facebook. I know (& my mom does too!) that I spend way too much time on the social networking site looking/ peeping into others' lives . I've got to stop doing this. Maybe half an hour of the social network isn't so bad for each day. But more than that could mean I'
m pointlessly wasting my time. What am I going to get by keeping track of others' advancements in life? :-/ Even now as I'm composing my blog article, I've checked and rechecked on Facebook tab several times, hoping to see some random update flashing across my wall. Oh well, I'm just thankful that I didn't sit online at 12:00 AM last night - staring at the Newsfeed and Facebook wall as the new year rolled out. :P

Enough on the resolutions part for now. Let me see how many turn successful by the end of this year. :P

Potluck didn't happen last week; it got postponed. Cyclone Thane hit Chennai, Pondy and the coastal cities of Tamilnadu during this week. I don't want to make updates like a weather woman here. :P But still, it's one of those hot happenings of the week that was. It was one massive cyclone that caused crores of rupees worth damage of crops, houses and the likes. Going to office was practically a nightmare on the 29th and the 30th Dec, 2011. :-| Thus, you can imagine how it must've been!

I went for the usual shopping yesterday and hauled a lot of things. I was planning to visit an orphanage with my friend M today. Sadly, it was raining through the morning, so we had to quickly cancel the plan and postpone it to some other day because Cyclone Thane still hasn't had enough of the city. I got chocolates for the kids and it's resting on the shelves of my room, untouched. What a moment of joy that it would've been for those kids, only if we'd been able to go today. Sigh! Oh well, next week maybe. I got mom a purse and I think she likes it. :) I even saw the price and variety of boxed chocolates in the Supermarket as I'll be going there once again to buy chocolates for my office people on the occasion of my birthday! :D It's coming up, and just another nineteen more days to go. I'm excited over the Nothing-significant-birthday. Confused? Look below.

This cartoon had me laughing and I think it's better to have me put it up myself. :P And I've done something a girl wouldn't usually do under any circumstances - Reveal her age! LOL. Happy birthday to me!!! :D